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For the rest of the page the old name "Cancell" will be used instead of Cantron or Protocel.

Cancell and Chemo

Although Cancell reduces the side effects of chemo and does not interfere with chemo, it is impossible for Cancell to work while taking chemo. For months after chemo treatments, it may be difficult for Cancell to work. Cancell does start right away, but more slowly after chemo. Even fairly healthy pets can take many months to recover from chemo.

Radiation and Cancell

Cancell seems to enhance the effects of radiation which does not hamper Cancell.

Additional Supplements

Although I supply ordering information for many additional supplements when people have cancer, I remove those when supplying information for pets because we don't know about pets and these additional treatments.

How to Take Cancell and What to Avoid

Cancell settles very fast so:

  1. Shake for five seconds.
  2. Dispense immediately.

Avoiding feeding 15 minutes before and after giving Cancell.


Give small animals (less than 100 pounds) an eighth of teaspoon of the Cancell liquid at exact intervals, see schedule below. Double the dose for larger animals. For larger animals (up to 250 pounds) use a quarter of a teaspoon.


For dogs and cats, you can mix Cancell with anything your pet will eat such as gravy. It helps to avoid eating before and after taking Cancell but it is not necessary.


The manufacturers of Cancell cannot recommend this method because is not consistent with labeling as a food supplement. To administer rectally:

1. Using the same dose as above, insert the dropper or syringe just past the rectal muscle.

2. Take about five seconds to dispense the Cancell.

3. Avoid bowel movements (close the doggie door) for at least 20 minutes.


Every FOUR hours but, double the dose right before bed and skip the middle-of-the-night dose. This means five doses a day with the last dose being one quarter a teaspoon (for small animals). This schedule may be the most effective, but if every four hours is too difficult to manage, use this schedule: every six hours around the clock for a daily total of four one-eighth of a teaspoon doses.

Dose Aids

It is essential that Cancell be taken very regularly. I recommend you buy these two items:

  • A watch with a countdown timer such that when the alarm goes off and you press any button to turn it off, the timer starts again automatically. The only way to turn off the timer/alarm is with a more complicated command.
  • A kitchen timer that allows you to set the time in one hour increments as well as minutes. Use this timer when the patient may be asleep when it is time for the next dose.

Print this web page and cut out the section from here to the next line of ******* and post it onto the refrigerator.

Foods to Take

Take protein to support the action of Cancell. Only meat and eggs are a complete protein.

Upset Stomach

If Cancell upsets a person's stomach, Cancell can be taken rectally.

Cancell As A Preventative

Some people want to continue Cancell after remission. I know of one person who continues to take Cancell as a preventative (five years now) after his remission; no side effects have been observed. However, if you reduce the amount or frequency of Cancell, CANCELL WILL NOT WORK as a tumor treatment, it will work as a powerful antioxidant.

When giving your pet an eighth of a teaspoon of Cancell once or twice a day, it will provide strong antioxidant performance. However, it will not be effective against tumors. To be effective against tumors, you must take it every four to six hours. After four hours Cantron is mostly gone from your bloodstream. A quarter of a teaspoon will saturate a person's body with Cancell. Taking more then a quarter of a teaspoon at any one time will not increase the effect of Cancell.

Foods to Take

Cancell needs complete protein to support its action. Only meat is a complete protein. Eggs also contain complete protein.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid alcohol. Be careful of soy beans, they prevent the body from absorbing minerals. Since you must avoid Selenium you can't take mineral supplements which are necessary if you eat significant amounts of soy.

Vitamins and Supplements to Avoid

In order to insure consistency, this section has been replaced with a link to the Compatibility section of the Cantron page (same as the Compatibility Section of the Protocel page).

Print out all important protocols. Go to the Critical Protocols page.

It is suggested that herbs be discontinued because it is unknown how they will react with Cancell.

The above list was compiled with the assistance of the Protocel consulting chemist, Tanya Pierce author of Outsmart Your Cancer**, and Dr. Kim Cassidy of Vitamin Depot** of Tallmadge, OH. That is not to say that all are in agreement as some items on the list have some minor controversy.

Treatments that Can Be Taken with Cantron or Protocel

This is by no means a complete list of products that can be taken with Protocel. It is mearly a list of things that are known not to increase ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate). If a substance increased ATP energy, it will reduce the effectiveness of Protocel.

See the lists at Cantron Compatibility* (same as for Protocel).

PET Scans vs CAT Scans

As Cancell works and tumors start to break down, they can appear to get larger. CAT scans can't always distinguish between growing tumors and tumors that are breaking down.  A PET scan is better, but it is also more expensive.

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