I live on the outskirts of a town of 10,000. There is not much industry. There are many retired folks. It is hard to believe, but within four miles of my house there are 5 EMF emitting towers and 40 antennas. I did not realize the effect they were having on me until I purchased a small house neutralizer, $125 in May 2013.

Sleep, the Kidneys and Healing

I put the neutralizer under my desk. This location is the most distant point from my bed. The very first night, I slept straight through without getting up to urinate. I had not done that in years. The effect continues to this day. The best healing mode, other than an a trance, is deep sleep. During deep sleep, your kidneys produce little urine (med.harvard.edu** search for kidney). If you are waking in the middle of the night to urinate, you are not sleeping deeply and you are missing a lot of the healing you might need.

Conditions Effected

People use the EMF protection products described on this page for the following conditions:

Abdominal pain
Breath, shortness of
Chest pain or pressure in
Concentration difficulty
Deteriorating fillings
Digestive problems
Ear ringing
Enlarged thyroid
Eyes, pressure in
Eyes, pain or burning
Facial flushing
Flu like symptoms
Hair loss
Immune abnormalities
Impaired sense of smell
Internal bleeding
Leg/foot pain
Lips, tongue, mouth, eyes dryness
Low or high blood pressure
Memory loss
Metal redistribution
Muscle and joint paint
Muscle spasms

Ovarian pain
Reflexes altered
Skin rash
Sleep issues
Slow or fast heart rate
Sugar metabolism alteration
Teeth pain
Testicular pain
Vision deterioration


All the products on this page come with a one year money back warranty for all customers and for agricultural business customers the warranty is from the date of order for through 2 production cycles (2 years).

Neutralizer Price List

This table describes the available EMF protection devices. The square foot values are for the floor that has the neutralizer. The floors above and below will be protected far in excess of the radius number. For more information read the "Theory of Operation" section below the table. Or send an email question to Paul Winter.


Horizontal Radius

Protected area


US Dollars

House protection from above

50m (164ft)

10,000 sq ft
All floors

Basic Protection from side
For any size Home


House protection from the side *
AN-8CVF House

12m (36ft)

1,000 sq ft

Protects a small house
on one side


Power EMF
AN-8CVF Power

6m (18ft)

200 sq ft

Protects from electrical power boxes or other power equipment

12m (36ft)
900 sq ft
Apartment or small house protection from below all floors
12m (36ft)
2,500 sq ft
Apartment or small house protection from below
25m (82ft)
2,500 sq ft
House EMF protection
from below
Aircraft EMFs Protection
from below
Aircraft EMFs Protection
from above
25m (85ft)
Water vehicle
Boat or other water vehicle
protection from below
Water vehicle
Boat or other water vehicle
protection from above
10,000 sq ft
All floors
Protection from above
for any size Home

10,000 sq ft
All floors

Protection from below
for any size Home
* For complete protection from all sides only two AN-8CVF units are needed.


These Products are shipped from Caledon, Ontario, Canada and are very heavy. Therefore shipping is dear. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. Each product has a different shipping cost. You can see the shipping cost on this web page and in our shopping cart after you enter your address and click Apply.

Theory of Operation

Everyday exposure to a typical EMF environment has a proven, serious, and negative impact on our health. Significant health improvement can be achieved if some of the effects of EMFs are neutralized. Neutralizers operate by converting local EMF waves to magnetic waves. These are a broad spectrum of magnetic pulses recognized by the human body and mammals as a bursting energy which activates the self restoration mechanism in our body, Magnetopathy. EMFs travel through the air with very little resistance. A neutralizer reduces the power of EMF waves over a large area due to this very same lack of resistance in the air.

The magnetic field of the Earth has been wreaking at an accelerated rate. The magnetic field is now 0.5% of its strength 4,000 years ago. The products on this page bring the magnetic field strength around us back to a more natural level.

EMF Sources

Electromagnetic pollution is not limited to the cell phone near your body. The full spectrum of frequencies of all of the electromagnetic signals in your area go through every cell in your body all day. These signals include the electromagnetic power from:

  • Every TV station that can be picked up with an antanna
  • Every AM, FM, and short wave radio station
  • Police and fire dispatch radio transmitters
  • All CB transmitters such as taxi dispatch
  • Electricity lines on poles in the street and in the walls of your house
  • Satellite transmitters such a SIRIUS Satellite Radio and DISH
  • All cell phones* and cell phone tower transmitters sending signals back to cell phones
  • All Wi-Fi networks within range
* Every time someone turns on a cell phone, a strong RF signal is transmitted in all directions. In other words every operating cell phone that is within a few miles of you (uninterrupted by a solid mass), is transmitting radio waves through you. We have never before had so many electromagnetic waves constantly going through us. Maybe we should not have laughed at people wearing aluminum foil hats.

Typical Neutralizer

Scientific Evidence of EMF Dangers

Any one who can muscle test knows that a cell phone is harmful. For those who don't know how to muscle test, it is easy to find the results of studies on electromagnetic pollution. A short Google search will probably yield you a controversy, but if you look closely, you will find this information:

In the early 1980s, the United States Navy conducted very well funded studies, spending about 100 million dollars. The results of their studies, showed that exposure to electromagnetic pollution resulted in altering the behavior of cells, tissues, organs and organisms; altered hormone levels, altered cell chemistry, altered immune processes, affected calcium ion bonding in cells, modified human brain waves, caused defects in chick embryos, and caused sterility in male animals.

People have a misconception that if a radio isn't tuned to the station, you can't get the signal. I have 20 years experience as an electrical engineer working on radar transmitters (radio wave penetration) and receivers and scanning radio receivers. I am intimately familiar with the ever increasing electromagnetic environment we live in. An incredible wide range of electromagnetic radio waves go through our body 24 hours a day.

A three inch by 1/8 inch antenna in your cell phone receives enough power to reproduce a complex message. We are about six feet by two feet, we receive that much more power (cross-section area determines exposure). My conclusion: we are 100 to 200 pounds of meat in a slow cooking microwave oven. It is having a constant, long term effect on our health and the new digital signals are much worse.

Digital Signals Are Worse
A doctor I know set up a local Wi-Fi network in his house so he and his wife could work on their computers without running network cables all over. When he turned on the transmitter for the Wi-Fi, his wife immediately developed an arrhythmia. He is a cardiologist so he knows for sure what it was. He turned off the Wi-Fi and her arrhythmia stopped. This increased ill effect of digital signals is most likely due to the sharp edge of the square wave where the differential of the change of the signal approaches infinity. It is the differential that determines how much power is transferred to other objects.

But, wait, it is getting worse.  Electrical companies are planning to use smart meters to radiate us 24/7* without proper testing or understanding of what they are doing.

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress lines are not products of our civilization. They are a part of a radiation wave that starts somewhere in the center of our Earth's core. During its trip to the surface, this wave encounters different types of minerals, underground running water or cavities. Going through them distorts the wave. When this radiation wave exits on the surface, an area of geopathic stress occurs.

Dangers of Geopathic Stress

When we are exposed to distorted Geopathic Stress lines, our immune system is driven on. This constant fighting expends all of our energy. As a result result we have only a little energy left to fight bacteria and viruses and the other jobs of the immune system.

Typical Symptoms from EMFs and Geopathic Stress

  • Weariness, fatigue and depression
  • Erratic temperament, most noticeable in children
  • Relationship problems
  • Frequent migraines
  • Restless sleep, propensity to nightmares
  • Heaviness of body and mind while the spirit cannot find inspiration and joy
  • Persistent aches and pains
  • Vibrational [Homeopathic] medicines do not appear to work
  • Not responding to medical treatment
  • Weakened immune response
  • Repeating and returning illnesses
  • Always feeling tired and everything is an effort
  • Night cramps, feeling cold, tingling or numbness in hands and feet
  • Treatments such as Bowen and Kinesiology do not hold
  • Recovery time from injury and illness is slower than it should be
  • ‘Spooky' feelings and fear for no apparent reason
  • Uneasy atmosphere about the house
  • Difficulty conceiving and difficult pregnancy
  • Severe cases include headaches and depression, nausea and dizziness, increased incidence of domestic violence, hyperactivity and aggression
  • Fruit trees and crops are slow to mature with poor yields and are more prone to insect attack.

All the products on this page:

  • Are scientifically proven protection against natural and man-made EMFs.
  • Are scientifically proven to produce non-invasive Magnetopathic Therapy
  • Improve recovery
  • Speed up healing (up to 4x)
  • Improve health
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Lower the level of most common pains

Every skeptic has a chance to discover these benefits on his or her own. You have a 90 day money back guarantee and a life time warranty.

Personal Protection the Peace Ball

The Peace Ball is a personal, active EMF Neutralizer that is designed to be worn as a necklace by people. It provides protection from EMFs in the person's surrounding area and provides Magnetopathic Therapy.
Peace balls come in blue and black. If the color matters to you, enter your preference in the Comments box during check out.


Peace Ball
Model and Price
Order Button
Peace Ball
Strength - 10x
Travelers Peace Ball
$30 N-8CV-10
Peace Ball
Strength - 135x
$30 AN-8CV-135
Peace Ball
Strength - 1,200x
$30 AN-8CV-1200
Peace Ball
Strength - 2,000x
$30 AN-8CV-2000
Peace Ball
Strength - 3,000x
$30 AN-8CV-3000
Peace Ball
Strength - 4000x
$30 AN-8CV-4,000
Peace Ball
Strength - 5,000x
$30 AN-8CV-5000
Peace Ball
Strength - 6,000x For Adults and
Teens - average staring point
$30 AN-8CV-6,000
Peace Ball
Strength - 7000x
$30 AN-8CV-7,000
Peace Ball
Strength - 8,000x
$30 AN-8CV-8000
Peace Ball
Strength - 9,000x
$30 AN-8CV-9000
Peace Ball
Strength - 10,000x
$30 AN-8CV-10000
Peace Ball
Strength - 13,000x
$30 AN-8CV-13000
Peace Ball
Strength - 17,000x
$30 AN-8CV-17000
Peace Ball
Strength - 21,000x
$30 AN-8CV-21000
Peace Ball
Strength - 25,000x
$30 AN-8CV-25000
Peace Ball
Strength - 29,000x
$30 AN-8CV-29000
Peace Ball
Strength - 33,000x
$30 AN-8CV-33000
Peace Ball
Strength - 37,000x
$30 AN-8CV-37000
Peace Ball
Strength - 41,000x
$30 AN-8CV-41000
Peace Ball
Strength - 45,000x
$30 AN-8CV-45000
Peace Ball
Strength - 49,000x
$30 AN-8CV-49000
Peace Ball
Strength - 53,000x
$30 AN-8CV-53000
Peace Ball
Strength - 57,000x
$30 AN-8CV-57000
Peace Ball
Strength - 61,000x
$30 AN-8CV-61000
Peace Ball
Strength - 65,000x
$30 AN-8CV-65000
Peace Ball
Strength - 69,000x
$30 AN-8CV-69000
Peace Ball
Strength - 73,000x
$30 AN-8CV-73000
Peace Ball
Strength - 77,000x
$36 AN-8CV-77000
Peace Ball
Strength - 144,000x
$36 AN-8CV-144000
Peace Ball
Strength - 210,000x
$36 AN-8CV-210000
Peace Ball
Strength - 288,000x
$36 AN-8CV-288000
Peace Ball
Strength - 488,000x
$36 AN-8CV-488000
Peace Ball
Strength - 800,000x
$36 AN-8CV-800000
Peace Ball
Strength - 1,000,000x
$36 AN-8CV-1000000
Peace Ball
Strength - 2,000,000x
$36 AN-8CV-2000000

After a few minutes of wearing our Peace Ball you could feel warm, relaxed, be able to focus and concentrate better, and feel invigorated. You should discover many other effects.

Upgrading to a Stronger Peace Ball

Before upgrading, consider:

  • The therapeutic benefits that result from proper and regular use of the Peace Ball depends on the Power of magnetic pulses provided by the device as well as uninterrupted use. Some human’s organs are more sensitive than others and require an acclamation period to use a stronger Peace Ball.
  • Some organs require stronger magnetic pulses to have an effect.
  • Even for healthy people our most powerful Peace Ball may provide benefits. We suggest using our 288,000x Peace Ball or stronger as a destination one.

Peace Disk

The Peace Disk is an exceptionally strong personal EMF neutralizer. It functions as a "magnetic lens" device which absorbs EMFs and converts them into magnetic pulses (Magnetopathic Therapy). Placing a Peace Disk on a specific part of the body focuses its effects on that part of the body. Typically the Peace Disk is used at a source of pain like your lower back, wrist, knee, neck, shoulder, ankle, head, elbow, foot etc. The strength of the Peace Disk is many times higher than the Peace Ball. This enables a faster reaction on the existing problem.

Your pain level (1 - 10) determines the Peace Disk strength needed (from very low to extremely strong - where where doctors would use pain killers like morphine). The PEACE DISK treatment is working locally, it is non-invasive and without any side effects. The Peace Disk is helpful in a variety of health problems, from speeding the healing process to helping with recovery and many more.


* Due to hygennic consideration, refunds cannot be made for any peace disk.


For any pain related to weather change and other symptoms like: rheumatic, stiff, sore, aching, joints and muscles – e.g. knee, hip, ankle, wrist, finger joints, calf, tows, heel, elbow, thigh, foot arch etc. Disk should be taped directly to the disturbing spot. Tape should be change every 24 hours to protect against damage of the skin.

Also could be use in "Restless Leg" Syndrome.

Peace Disk Models


Peace Disk’s placement

For the best results Peace Disk should be placed just against center of the pain. The Peace Disk should be taped directly to the disturbing spot. Tape should be change every 24 hours to protect against damage to the skin.
Pease Disk Application
Shipping* Model no.
and cost
Set of 2 Disks, see picture above,
note model no.
$48 AN-8RD1
Mild local pain release
Pain level - 6
$35 AN-8C3VF34X-Ds5
Wrist Band - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
$35 AN-8C3VWB16s5
Thigh Disk - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
$35 AN-8C3VTB17s5
Elbow Disk - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
Calf Disk - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
$35 AN-8C3VCB17s5
Ankle Disk - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
$35 AN-8C3VAB17s5
Knee Disk - Strong local pain release
Pain level - 10
$35 AN-8C3VKB12s3
Head Band with one DISK
Pain level - 6
$35 AN-8C3VHB1s5
Head Band with two DISKs
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VHB12s5
Foot - for external front part of the foot
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-foot-As17 $107  
Foot - for internal front part of the foot
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-foot-Bs3
Foot - for heel
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-foot-Cs17
Sacral Nerve Stimulation (bladder control)
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-Bl-Cs24
Kidney and liver revitalization
Pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-Kis24
Shoulder / Vascular clogs / weaken vessels , Cancer
all forms and phantom pain, pain level - 10
$48 AN-8C3VF-70s24
Neck , Cancer - all forms phantom pain
Pain level - 10
$48 Neck
Middle Back , Cancer - all forms phantom pain
Pain level - 10
$48 Middle Back
Lower back / hip / sacrum , Cancer - all forms
Pain level - 10
$48 Lower Back


Hypafix Hypafix is a self-adhesive, non-woven fabric sheet for secure and rapid fixation. It is made from white polyester material and coated with hypoallergenic adhesive on quick-release backing paper. Hypafix also provides complete coverage of the entire dressing, thus reducing the risk of contamination. Its excellent conformability simplifies shaping around joints and awkward body contours to allow the patient greater freedom of movement.

In Canada you can buy it in Shoppers Health Home Care stores, or online. In your country you will find a store by checking Google, under Hypafix store location in "your city". The best size - width of 10cm or 5cm roll of 10m except the "Rheumatic like Pain Reliever" should be using a width of 2.5cm (or eventually 5cm) roll of 10m.

The tape is permeable to both air and moisture, helping to reduce the risk of maceration.

It is taking a long time to make the order buttons for these products. If you want to order a Peace Disk that does not have an order button, email Paul Winter and include the model no. and I will make an order button for that model next.


Numerous scientific articles and books have been written on the healing effects of weak magnetic fields. They have a most remarkable effect on the healing of broken bones. This healing method is known as "Magnetopathy". The term magnetopathy was coined by the brilliant scientist Zbigniew Malecki who developed and patented products that can protect people, animals, and plants from EMFs. These inventions (the neutralizers, Peace Ball and Peace Disks on the web page) are bringing the quality of life back to thousands of people who have been mystified by their lack of energy and increasing illness.

Zbigniew Malecki

According to Wolfgang Ludwig, Sc.D., Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Biophysics in Horb, Germany, "Magnetopathy and Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy are the methods that penetrate the whole human body and can treat every organ without chemical side effects".

PMFT is used in medical disciplines such as:

  • Orthopedics (ref. 17 and 20 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Diabetic disorder (ref. 22 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Optometry, glaucoma, - vision improvements (ref. 38 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Traumatology (ref. 36 and 37 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Rheumatology (ref. 18 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Treatment of fractures (ref. 11, 68 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Dental - bone repaired (ref. 11, 33, 34, 35 and 68 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Wound treatment (ref. 8 and 67 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Burns and degenerative diseases of the apparatus of support and locomotion (ref. 5, 6, 47 and 19 - Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy)

Wholesale Discounts

For wholesale discounts, please contact me with your needs. Click here to send an email to Paul Winter.

Is Paul Winter, the webmaster, qualified?

I graduated from CCNY with the five year BEEE bachelors of engineering in electrical engineering. The most redundant degree given by the fabulously redundant City College of the City University of the City of New York (correct name, I swear). For most of my 20 years as an electrical engineer I worked on radars and radar warning systems. All radars produce very strong EFM fields. During my last ten years as an engineer, I was a systems engineer. I was always the engineer to analyze transmission patterns and range. I would then write my analysis in language that the customer could understand. I actually understand the magic of near-field signal propagation. This is the perfect background to analyze EMF propagation and protection.

The Truth about Smart Meters

Utility companies are publishing reports that show very low EMF power for short distances away from Smart Meters. Near field power measurements of EMF transmitters vary from zero (at a null) to the full power of the transmitter (less the antenna gain and the loss due to the short distance). This zero power value is due to the canceling action of reflected EMF. Reflected EMF is only strong near a transmitter. Any one with an RF meter can find a null near a transmitter where the meter will read zero due to reflected waves. The power company only needs to move their meter around until it reads a nice low value, record the distance to the smart meter and publish their "true measurement". Publishing such a measurement is the height of deception.

Paul Winter


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