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Treatment Selection

If you are already interested in a particular alternative cancer treatment, keep reading to understand the pros and cons of the treatment selection method you used. You may decide that you want to select additional treatments using different selection methods to increase your odds of success and support the "cocktail" approach to preventing drug-resistance.

Consider these facts about alternative cancer treatments:

This web site supports the use of multiple treatments by:

In a hurry? You can skip "Using" and "Why Trust" and jump directly to the Treatment Selection Methods section.

Treatment Selection Methods

Most people visiting this web site have some idea of how to select medicine. For most health problems, they can make good treatment selections, but alternative cancer treatments are different from other medicines:

Therefore, people take multiple treatments to increase their odds. But, to really assure your success, consider using each of these different methods to select multiple treatments:


Testimonials can be a very powerful tool to help in the healing process if used correctly. However, misuse of testimonials is the most common mistake people make. Reading testimonials is a poor method for making a treatment selection - any alternative cancer therapy with only a 5% success rate can still create many genuine and impressive testimonials. Use testimonials to boost your belief after you have selected your alternative cancer treatment using a better selection method like those described above.

Conventional Treatment Selection Method
Conventional doctors usually just select the newest treatment for that "type" of cancer. This is not even the correct approach for large groups, and it is completely wrong for individuals. Explore this method if you have time*.

Cancer Essentials
People further increase their success by using additional therapies that do not conflict with other treatments and which wouldn't be considered a treatment. Those can be found on the Cancer Essentials page. A link to the Cancer Essentials page can be found at the top of every page.

Even the sound of
water is healing.

Treatment Testing Methods

Here are two valid treatment testing methods for finding the treatment that works for you:

Each of these methods are examined below.

Take and Monitor

Monitoring the affect of most other treatments is usually not difficult, but cancer makes everything difficult because:

To help monitor the effect of the treatments you are using, download this free tracking form.

Why Treatments Often Fail

Cancer is called the emotional disease. Emotions are part of the cause in about 80% of all cancers. I have seen this over and over: The mother of a woman passes away and one year later that woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. You may have seen this yourself. However, it is not grief that causes cancer; it is anger. The anger comes from the frustration and helplessness that such losses cause.

If the cause of any disease is not addressed, alternative treatment success is greatly reduced. Conventional treatments may actually have a better chance of working in this case because or their brutal never-mind-the-body nature and the fact that conventional treatments go after the symptoms not the cause of the cancer. So conventional doctors can fail to address the emotional cause but still succeed in curing the patient. Oncologists are not psychologists so they do not even think to get involved with the sticky traumas of their patients. Even if they do recognize this connection, they usually do not know how or what to do.

Up until recently, removing the emotional cause of a disease took months and a lot of money paid to a psychologist. But, that has all changed. You can now watch a DVD and in five minutes learn how to effectively treat an emotional issue and test the success of that treatment. This is probably the health breakthrough of the century. To learn more, go to the Tapping DVD* page. You can always use you Back button to get back to here even after you order the DVD.


The Most Important Statement

If you examine the usual methods for selecting alternative treatments, you would
quickly realize the mistake of taking your treatment selection method for granted.

Why Trust

We do not sell nor profit from the sale of any alternative cancer treatments. This assures you of complete impartiality in our comparison of treatments and therapies. Our Comparison table not only rates treatments in nine categories, but each rating number is linked to the information upon which the rating was based.

The over 200 pages of concisely written text covers a wide range of alternative cancer information such as these important subjects:

To keep up with alternative cancer treatments and receive nothing else (OK, I might write a story), subscribe to the Quarterly Newsletter* page is for other webmasters. This web site is sometimes referred to as alternativecancertreatments.

Curse of the Products
Many people don't trust the information on web sites that sell products. However, this web site existed for six years, as the Cancell Home page, before any products, such as the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) or hypnosis CDs, were offered. During that time, thousands of emails were answered without receiving any compensation. However, people requested more treatment options, so additional treatments were researched and presented (not sold).

With the additional treatments came the treatment selection problem. Most alternative cancer treatments work on most cancer types so you can't use your type of cancer to find the treatment that will work for you. Great strides were being made in energy medicine especially in treatment selection. This made it clear that an energy based Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) was the solution. Equipment for producing the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) was procured and the Kit was offered on this web site. We know this hurt the not-for-profit image of the web site, but it should be clear from spending time here or from emailing a question that our main thrust remains:

The CDs (see below) were developed because cancer CDs being sold on the Internet contained fatal errors* based on a poor understanding of cancer. As a certified hypnotherapist* I knew that it had to be done correctly or people would miss the benefit of this excellent tool to get the body to remove the cancer.

This web site now offers hypnosis CDs created by Paul Winter the webmaster and a certified hypnotherapist since 1992. Avoid the mistakes in other hypnosis CDs for cancer.

No Profit from Treatments
The people who work on this web site<* do not profit in any way from the sale of any alternative cancer treatments presented on this web site. This assures you of complete impartiality. More about* such as the web site history and a bio of the webmaster.

With the addition of more treatments, this web site started to expand. It is now over 200 pages worth of text. You may not be aware of all the things you can do to help your body get rid of cancer. A search system can not help you find the things you do not know about. That is why a phone consultation* can change someone who is only doing part of what they can do to a person with a full, clear, and documented plan.

Drug Resistance and Cocktails

There are two types of cancer cells that can resist cancer treatment:

By selecting three alternative cancer treatments, that do not conflect with each other, you should be able to avoid conventional drug resistance.

For different methods of treatment selection, visit

Humor is Real Medicine - "Humor">

Scientific proof of the health benefit of humor can be found as early as 1989 when the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that showed that laughter therapy has an immediate symptom-relieving effect.

If you have purchased joke books in the past, you have probably been disappointed. The reason is that it takes years to develop a collection of truly good jokes and most writers only have one year to produce a book. This joke book is the product of over 15 years of collecting and rejecting. Each joke has stood the test of time. Each joke has been edited to remove unnecessary words. The result is 170 pages of really good, concisely written jokes.

Hypnosis - a Power Tool for Every Patient

Regardless of your treatment of choice, hypnosis can produce amazing results with very little effort. I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 1992. The ten years I have spent researching alternative cancer allowed me to recognize the mistakes that are being made on other hypnosis CDs for cancer. I decided to make these CDs because these mistakes are so prevalent

Why Two CDs?
Both Hyp ("Hyp" is pronounced "hip" as in hypnosis) No Cancer CDs use the same type of techniques employed by 159 terminal cancer patients to double their survival time, but they have a major difference:

Hyp No Cancer
This CD is directed towards a spontaneous remission. Spontaneous remissions are not as rare as previously believed. The Hypnosis CDs and Spontaneous Remissions* page explains how conventional medicine misses most spontaneous remissions.
HYP No Cancer Lite
Does not contain the spontaneous remission phrasing. Look at the Induction Power* section of the Hypnosis page to see why these phrases may be too powerful for some people.

Ordering CDs
A CD costs $24. Then ordered with a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology, get 20% off and no additional shipping fee. To order CDs, go to the Hypnosis CDs and Spontaneous Remissions* page.

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Avoid Conflicts

(The following crucial information is repeated a few times on this web site. It is always called the "Conflict Connection.") When using alternative cancer treatments, the greatest threat to your success is treatment conflicts. Some vitamins, minerals, and even herbs are known to conflict with different alternative cancer treatments.

From 1997 to 2001 this web site collected hundreds of case histories. They showed that more than 30% of the responders took substances that conflicted with each other.

onClick="MM_popupMsg('Uncovered in 2005 \rIn 1998, based on an analysis by a Ph.D. chemist with years of experience with Cancell, supplements Pau d\'arco and Germanium-132 were believed to increase the performance of Cancell. Years later, in February of 2005, electrodermal testing of Protocel (a trade name of Cancell) found that Pau d\'arco and Germanium-132 interfered with Protocel\'s performance when all three were taken together. It is a perfect example of the difficulty of predicting conflicts.

To learn about possible conflicts:

  1. Go to the Comparison table*.
  2. Find the row for the treatment in which you are interested.
  3. Click on the number in the Compatibility column for that treatment. You will go to the "Compatibility" section on the page for that treatment.

The section just above the Comparison table explains other ways to use this information full table.

Keep it Simple

People who self-medicate are learning that it is wiser not to take so many supplements at once. This allows them to more easily tell which treatments work and which ones don't. They only take a treatment or supplement long enough to tell if it is working. If it is not working, they stop taking it. In this way they can try more treatments and they avoid conflicts.

Continuing to take a treatment because it might be helping even though a cancer is not going into remission, discourages finding the treatment that will work. When a person does a lot of research and decides that they have found a "great" treatment, it is difficult to stop taking it even if the cancer continues. However, it is essential to move on to find the treatment that works for an individual.


Although it is impossible to predict all the conflicts with an alternative cancer treatment, a person can test for conflicts. You can purchase a Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) and use the illustrated instructions to perform your own testing or bring the Muscle Test Kit to a practitioner who uses Kinesiology. To find such practitioners go to the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) page and click Locate a Practitioner in the Table of Contents.

German Clinics

There is a lot of news about German cancer clinics. Although they have one or two therapies that are not available in the United States, most of their therapies can be found in the US. Germany has strong restrictions on doctors and even stronger restrictions on supplements than the United States. Persecution of alternative doctors in Germany is very aggressive as demonstrated by the case Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who had a very interesting cancer treatment, but was forced to leave Germany due to persecution.

If you research these clinics you will hear the term electrodermal screening. This is the basis for muscle testing but it is not as reliable as muscle testing due to the verification that is possible with muscle testing by asking the inverse question, see the "Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) Proof" section just below.

To checkout the details of five
German clinics click the graphic.

Before you spend all that time, money and energy to travel to Germany, make sure you are told the following about each therapy available in the clinic you are to visit:

Other Subjects on

Besides treatment selection methods, also covers the following subjects (a single asterisk after a link indicates that the link goes to another page on

Just curious about alternative medicine? Explains why doctors cannot prescribe alternative cancer treatments.
Prevention Conventional information about cancer prevention is flat out wrong.
Patients Making Treatment Decisions Can patients or care providers make better treatment decisions than conventional doctors?
Warnings Example, looking for a clinic that offers alternative treatments? Most only offer conventional treatments and alternative diets.
Muscle Testers Can Use this Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) If you learn a little about muscle testing, you can use the Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) to find the alternative cancer treatment to which your body best responds and have a very powerful decision making tool always at your fingertips.
Your Doctor Gets Disinformation If you think your doctor knows about alternative cancer treatments, you are in for a shock. This page contains the NCI test summary for Cancell (what doctors read) and the actual results of the testing.
Talking to Your Doctor and Relatives If you learn the "Tough Questions to Ask Your Doctor" you will have an excellent tool for cancer, treatment awareness.
PubMed Why it is not likely to find papers on alternative cancer treatments on PubMed.

Types of Cancer

The Types of Cancer section has been moved to its own page.

Alternative Cancer Treatments thanks the Johnson mesothelioma lawyers group for their support.


If you are actively researching conventional and alternative cancer treatments, you will often run into the five-year survival statistic. Like many statistics, the five-year survival statistic can be misleading. If you have the genes, diet, and lifestyle (stress, anger…) that has caused you to grow tumors, removing the tumors will not prevent you from growing more tumors. To stop growing tumors most people find that they must change their diet and lifestyle.

A person who took chemo and suffered the usual debilitating side effects has extremely high motivation to change his or her diet and lifestyle. A person who took a side-effect-free alternative cancer treatment may not feel as strongly motivated and may not make the changes needed to prevent reoccurrence. Therefore, how long a person remains tumor free after taking a cancer treatment is not an accurate measure of the effectiveness of the treatment. It is more likely a measure of how well that person changed their lifestyle.

Multiple Drug-resistant Cells

Most tumors contain a small percentage, approximately 2%, of MDR (multiple drug-resistant) cells. It is well known that chemo is not effective against these cells. After the first round of chemo, if the chemo is effective, all of the cells that are not MDR are destroyed. Since this accounts for the vast majority of the tumor mass, the tumor appears to be effectively destroyed. Meanwhile, the MDR cells remain and start to multiply. The new tumor is likely to be entirely MDR. The next time chemo is used, none of the cells will be destroyed. This is why giving chemo after a cancer reoccurs often fails to have any effect. Medical doctors will not test for MDR because doing so would mean that they could not honestly push more chemo. 75% of an oncologist's salary is from chemo kick-backs. There is little a medical doctor can do and protect his license. Recommending anything other that the approved medicines can get a doctor thrown in jail or sued.

Only alternative health care has treatments that have been shown to be effective against MDR cells. These include Paw Paw* and Graviola.

If you want to give your friend or relative a gift that will support their search for the right alternative cancer treatment, consider giving them an Alternative Cancer Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology). Muscle Test Kit (Kinesiology) are based on the principal that every medicine has an energy signature which our bodies can sense and respond to in testable ways.

Individual Treatment Information

After you have generated interest in alternative cancer treatments, you can print out pages for an individual cancer treatment in which your friend or relative shows interest.

Vitamin C Therapy

Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, investigated the possibility of using vitamin C for cancer. One hundred terminal cancer patients were given 10 grams of vitamin C daily (2.5 grams four times per day). They lived an average of 210 days, compared with hospital records of 1,000 "matched controls" (similar patients) who averaged only 50 days. A follow-up showed an even wider gap between the vitamin C and control groups.

Ten grams of vitamin C a day is a tremendous amount. Due to the acid nature of vitamin C, such a large amount is likely to produce digestion distress unless a buffered type of vitamin C such as Ester-C is used.

Vitamin C is believed to reduce the effectiveness of:

Natural or Synthetic Vitamin C
If you are even slightly interested in taking natural vitamin C, Camu Camu is worthy of consideration. It contains powerful phytochemicals with health benefits, including the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine, and more Vitamin C than any other known plant in the world. Camu Camu has a surprising range of therapeutic effects. People have found that Camu-Camu is energizing, mood-lifting and highly effective in strengthening the immune system. These benefits are in themselves a significant testament to the benefits of taking a natural form of Vitamin C. Camu Camu is easily found on the Internet and is not expensive.

A Better Vitamin C

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is able to produce serum levels of Vitamin C nearly double those thought theoretically possible with any oral form of Vitamin C.

If you decide to use vitamin C as your main therapy, there are aspects of your recovery that you need to know about in order to obtain a comprehensive approach* and assure your success. Such an approach:

Consider a phone consultation. Also of interest read DMSO and Vitamin C for Melanoma.*

Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Angiogenesis inhibitors stop the growth of blood vessels to tumors. This web site describes three alternative cancer treatments that act as angiogenesis inhibitors: Cantron, Protocel, and Paw Paw.

There is some evidence that the conventional angiogenesis inhibitors may actually encourage angiogenesis in some situations. Once again making conventional medicine a scary place to try to get healthy.

Reducing Chemo Side Effects

There are three methods to reduce the side effects of chemo:

It seems clear that a comprehensive plan needs to be developed for each individual who wants to reduce side effects while taking chemo. The easiest and most effective way to develop such a plan is to have a phone consultation*.

House Work Help for Women Taking Chemo

Here is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning one time per month for 4 months for women taking chemo. To sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason** will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service.


Consider using chemo without the side effects. Consider using Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). IPT makes cell membranes more permeable, and increases uptake of drugs into cells. IPT selectively targets tumor cells, which usually have more insulin receptors than normal cells. It also makes tumor cells more susceptible to chemo by modifying cell metabolism. As a result cancer patients can greatly reduce chemo dosage (reduce it to only about 10%) and eliminate most side effects while increasing the effectiveness of chemo. The IPT web site** is run by Chris Duffield, Ph.D. who did IPT research at Stanford University School of Medicine.


Benign Tumors

Most benign tumors do not grow with the same mechanism as malignant tumors. Benign tumors do not have the high-ATP (adenosine triphosphate) cells that is typical of malignant tumors. Some are inflammatory in nature and are basically just swellings. Still some people with benign tumors have had success using Cancell (Cantron and Protocel). Also, Paw Paw has many active ingredients some of which may help remove benign tumors.

Children with Cancer in Hospitals

The AMA has forced laws to be written that allow doctors to do anything they want to your child with or without your permission. These laws were passed to rescue children from people who held religious beliefs against all treatments. This is a belief held by Christian Scientists. Unfortunately, these laws are now being used to prevent parents from treating their children with alternative cancer treatments.

One woman put her son in a Utah children's hospital for cancer. During his short stay, three children died as the result of their first chemo treatment (the deaths were not reported as due to chemo). Two other mothers became terrified that chemo would be given to their children and had to sue the hospital to get their children out.

Hospitals will administer any drug they want with or without your permission. They will take your child away if you disagree with their treatment even if it makes your child worse. You can get the paperwork that you must sign for admission as soon as possible and take it to a lawyer (there is usually a week or two between the decision to hospitalize and the actual hospitalization). At least you will know what rights you are giving up.

Even children not in a hospital are likely to have their treatment controlled by the state and not the parents. Smart parents take children out of a hospital, and across state borders to avoid "treatments" that the original hospital was forcing on a young patient.

Here are some true stories that will shock you:

Talking to Doctors

This section has been moved to the Talking to Doctors* section of the Talking about Cancer Treatments page. If that about link does not bring you directly to the "Talking to Doctors" section, use the Table of Contents located on the left side of the top of the page.

Talking to Friends

There is a lot to consider before talking to a friend about alternative cancer treatments. This section has been moved to the Talking about Cancer Treatments* page.

Virtual Travel for the House Bound

There are a couple web sites that can allow you to feel as if you went somewhere without the trouble of travel or in this case the nausea of a radical car ride, the 19 most complex and dangerous roads in the world.

A good web site for videos is Flixxy**.

Most interesting web site, It contains answers to questions such as why the bees are dying off,

Volunteer Action You Can Take

Request Action from the FDA** Write the FDA and request that they encourage testing of alternative cancer treatments Cantron, Protocel, Paw Paw, Graviola, Emulsified vitamin A, IPT, Hydrazine Sulfate, Cesium Chloride, Essiac tea, 714-x, Laetrile (B17), MGN-3, and OPC's.

Support This Web Site

Help Get the Word Out

If you want your friends and relatives to understand:

The Disclaimer for

This web site is not intended to provide medical advice to anyone regarding the type of cancer treatment they should use. This web site simply provides educational information about various cancer treatments. The decision to take alternative or conventional treatments is your responsibility. It is never the choice of a doctor, health advisor, or writer. It is your body and anyone who tells you what treatment to take instead of providing information about all your treatment options and letting you decide, is abusing their position.

A patient should realize that delaying the use of conventional treatments can reduce the effectiveness of these treatments. This is because most conventional treatments have dangerous side effects so their use must be limited. For example, if you delay the use of chemo to shrink a tumor, the tumor may grow to a size that would require more chemo than you can safely take. This is not true for most alternative treatments which can usually be given for years without dangerous side effects.

To complicate matters, taking conventional treatments before using alternative treatments, can often reduce the effectiveness of the alternative treatments. This is because conventional treatments, such as chemo and radiation often create so much damage to a person's body that the body is too weak to support the use of alternative treatments.

With such complications to consider, smart patients are making treatment decisions in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. A doctor's office is far from a pressure-free environment. Smart patients are making treatment decisions at home, alone, without anyone around to make the decision excessively emotional and with all their information at their fingertips.

Legal Statements

Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Such product names are written the same way as used by NIH and NCI; the first letter is capitalized. The statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information contained on this web site, is for educational and information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the Disclaimer.

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Health Organizations Dedicated to Saving Our Rights

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